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Novel Writing Software

If you're looking for novel writing software, you've come to the right place.

I have tested and reviewed most of the major novel writing software products, and share my opinions and thoughts with you here, from the good to the bad to the ugly.

You'll see each novel writing software product's own page linked from the navigation bar on the left. By all means browse through that, or read my summary page here which gives a brief summary and star-rating for each product.

And here is a summary of the summary!

If you are looking for story-development novel writing software, and like following a pre-made structure, and money is not too much of an issue, the Marshall Plan Novel Writing Software is the one for you.
If you are looking for good story-development and information management in one, at a very good price, then MyNovel or Power Structure is the one for you.
If you are looking for good story-development software where you are not constrained by any template, then check out StoryWeaver or WriteItNow4.
If you are looking for basic story-management software you should go for either WriteItNow 4 or yWriter5 (yWriter5 is free and very good but not quite as good as WriteItNow4 which is $59.99).
And make sure your manuscript is safely, automatically and regularly backed up with Book Backup.
Autocrit Editing Wizard is the nearest thing to having an editor sit on your shoulder!
And you may like to check out the awesomeness that is voice recognition software.

More Detailed Information on novel writing software:

There are many different novel writing software products out there, and this section is my review of each of them, so that you can make an informed decision.

The first question is whether you even need novel writing software. The short answer is: no, you don't. All the great classics were written without novel writing software, after all! It is far from essential.

However ...

Novel Writing Software

... having said that, novel writing software can be a terrific help in writing your novel. Writing a novel is challenging enough - anything that can help make it easier is worth considering. Those classic novels were written without word processors, after all, without being able to cut and paste, or search and replace - but no writer nowadays would give up his or her computer.

So, I decided I needed to find out what this novel writing software was all about; if it was any use at all or just a gimmick. And I wanted to find out which was the best software to use, if any. So I have spent quite a long period of time testing out all the various products to see how they work.

I had several questions. One of the main ones was whether the software was easy to use. You know that song line, "I'm a lover not a dancer"? Well, I'm a writer not a geek! I wanted something to help me write my novel; not something that would take so long to learn that it would distract me from writing.

And I wanted to find out which was the best novel writing software to use.

What I found out was this ...

Novel writing software falls into two distinct categories:

Story Development Software, and
Information Management Software

They're both pretty self-explanatory: Story Development Software helps you develop a tightly woven and well-formed story, and Information Management Software helps you manage all the various strands which go to make up a story.

There's a summary of my review of each product here, or click on each product's name to read my detailed assessment.

Power Structure
Marshall Plan For Novel Writing
WriteItNow 4
Liquid Story Binder

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